Agri Vision Foundation (NPC) went to Kwazakele in Port Elizabeth to train one of the local churches and some of their community members on how to establish food gardens at their homes. This was a follow up event after a similar food security training day earlier in 2023. The plan is to follow up with a third training and planting day in January 2024, but this time we will also include one of the local primary schools. The community expressed a need for small business and leadership training in the new year. The plan is to combine the planned January 2024 gardens with a entrepreneural course called Emerging Leaders. Sixty-four people were trained in Kwazakele in 2023 and eighty-six garden starter packs were distributed.

The theoretical part of the training covered the following management and technical tools: crop rotation, irrigation management, long term soil health, minimum tillage, ground covers and doing things on time. The focus was a garden planted to high standards and with minimal wastage. A local facilitator that has been trained in the ‘Farming Gods Way’ methods, gave a practical demonstration regarding soil preparation, correct planting techniques and caring for plants during their vegetative growing stage.

At the end of the training day all of the participants received their gardening packs. Three local volunteers will be following up the home gardens in the next few months to provide further support where needed. Approximately 22 community members will also be sponsored to attend a 3 day Farming Gods Way training course in Port Elizabeth later this year.

We want to extend our gratitude to the Kwazakele community leaders, the volunteers and Laeveld Agrochem for making this day possible. We are looking forward building stronger relationships with this community over the next 12 months. We aim to raise a number of ethical entrepreneurs and leaders that can continue the work at the end of this community project.

For more information on this project and other community based projects in the Eastern Cape, please contact Dr Michael Southwood at